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Agriculture Drone


Producing data to inform efficient irrigation decisions in row crop production.

Our team has 25+ years of experience in R&D, field testing, deployment of data driven solutions within digital agriculture and previous startup experience. The Nave framework uses the latest data technology to fuse near real-time data with climate and crop modeling to produce the most accurate information possible. Data science techniques including uncertainty propagation and data assimilation to bring feeds from spaceborne, airborne, field based sensors and most importantly irrigation equipment together in a calibrated format allows us to utilize all the available information at once. Using these different data analysis techniques we are able to deliver accurate and cost effective solutions to our customers.


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Jessi has 12 years of experience in the agriculture industry carrying out small plot research as well as managing commercial field trials directly with growers. She has spent a great deal of those 12 years having candid conversations with growers and learning about the intricacies of irrigation operations across many regions as well as the gaps in the information available to make irrigation decisions. She has previous experience driving innovation forward in a startup that went through successful acquisition. Jessi brings a wealth of real field experience as well as a potentially unhealthy fascination with the use of water in crop production.

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Dr. Kovalsky earned his PhD from South Dakota State University Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence. As a research professor Dr. Kovalsky contributed to modernizing the largest Earth remote sensing data archive with the Global Web Enabled Landsat Data (WELD) project funded by NASA to bring their satellite imagery collections into the big data age. During 2013-2015 Dr. Kovalsky was an affiliate on the Landsat Science Team funded jointly by USGS and NASA. In 2015, Dr. Kovalsky brought his talents to the industry of Digital Agriculture. His PhD research and subsequent work with massive imagery archives put him in a role of Research Lead at Climate, LLC. In the 6 years Val worked for Climate, he filed several patents, led field research protocol design and supervised productionalization of an image based late season Nitrogen application tool. In his last project at Climate, Val was leading research, development and testing of  irrigation recommendation services for the FieldView platform and for the water sustainability tracking system used in Product Supply operations of Bayer Crop Science. Val was responsible for academic and external collaborations of Climate’s Geospatial team. He facilitated multi-year collaboration studies and digital proof of concept development  projects with several US universities, domestic and foreign commercial companies across multiple global geographies. Starting summer of 2021, Dr. Kovalsky became a cofounder and Vice President of Technology for Nave Analytics, Inc.



Bradley has been involved with developing digital tools to manage water in various applications for over 15 years.  His main areas of focus have always been in line with sustainable water use practices from scenario based modeling of drought stricken regions of the Rio Grande to sub-field water use efficiency initiatives within irrigated farmland across the globe.  Bradley brings the knowledge of what it takes to start a company, not only from a science perspective but also a practical perspective due to his time at a previous startup, HydroBio. After the acquisition of HydroBio, Bradley took a leading role as a Sr Portfolio Manager where he gained the operational skills to lead companies to success.

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